Best Practices to Stop Squeaking Of Windshield Wiper Blades

Windshield Wiper Blades

Why Do The Windshield Wipers Squeak?

Driving can be extremely distracting if the windshield wipers go squeaking all the time. The feeling is just opposite to that of hearing a pleasant music. Sometimes, the driver can just not concentrate on driving and thus, the passengers can see hell.

Therefore, you should know how to stop the wipers from squeaking and should thus practice a minimum maintenance that would demand you to just extract few minutes of your precious time.

To know how to stop the wipers from squeaking, you should know why they squeak. This can help you easily identify the exact problem and find the solution very easily.

Main Reasons That Cause The Wipers To Squeak:

​Accumulation of dirt

Wipers are mainly constructed to wipe the windshield that is made of glass. If there is an accumulation of dust particles or other tough contamination on the windshield, the wipers that work to wipe the glass will not go smooth, thus irritating with squeaks.

​Wiper Assemblage

The wiper assembly should be positioned enough to not to allow the air to enter between the windshield and the wiper blades, which might otherwise end up in squeaking.


Over usage might tear or under usage might brittle the wiper blades. Both the reasons end up in squeaking.

Manufacturing Imperfections

If there are any manufacturing defects be it in the rubber blades or in the screwing system, the result is squeaking.​

How To Stop Windshield Wiper Blades From Squeaking?

Now you know that why the wipers squeak, you should now know how to stop them from doing so.


Always keep the windshield clear from dust and other contamination. For that, clear it thoroughly with any one of the following products:

  • Vinegar
  • Baking Soda
  • Windex

Dip a soft cotton cloth in vinegar and wipe the windshield gently to remove all the accumulated dirt.

Damp the dry powder on paper towel and wipe the windshield to clear all the contamination.

Dip a soft cotton cloth into the chemical and wipe the windshield carefully to remove the dirt.



Ensure that you replace the wiper blade refills regularly, at least once in a year, every time before the rainy season arrives. This is not an expensive maintenance and so you can you can prefer doing it instead of getting irritated with squeaks.



Ensure that the windshield wiper fluid is at appropriate levels or else they might end up in skipping, thus creating squeaks.



Ensure that the windshield wiper blades are soft. Maintain them to be free from either moisture or dryness. In either case, the rubber gets damaged, thus squeaking while wiping the windshield.


To make the wiper blades softer while being free from dust and other contaminants, clean the blades with any one the following chemicals:

  • WD-40
  • Rubbing Alcohol

Ensure that you do not over use chemicals like WD-40 as it is a petroleum based chemical. Such chemicals when over used will eat away the rubber, thus crumbling and damaging them.

Also, do not use them frequently, as it might dry the rubber, leaving it brittle. Therefore, the rubber loses its softness and might tear. Instead, try using rubbing alcohol as an alternative to WD-40 as it is comparatively milder and does not damage the wiper blades.



Ensure that the wiper assembly is properly fixed to be neither too lose or too tight. Or else, the wipes might end up in squeaking.



Ensure that the wiper blades are free from Rain-X or wax, as they can create a layer while wiping, thus squeaking.



When the wipers age out, replace the complete wiper assembly. This is because, with time, trauma and use, the assemblies that hold the wiper refills can get displaced from the actual position.

Also, the rubber of the wipers can be torn out as it ages, to no longer adapt to the contours of the windshield.In such situations, you have no choice other than replacing the complete assembly with new one.


Squeaking wipers would definitely result in an irritating experience for both the driver and the passengers. Nobody would love to experience it. However, simple and affordable maintenance would help you to avoid such displeasure experiences and enjoy pleasant driving.

Ensure that the wipers are free from damage, brittle, dry, moisture and defects. Also, ensure that the windshield glass is always clean from dust particles. Make a regular check of wiper blade assembly to ensure that it is not misplaced.

If the wipers age out and are worn, replace the assembly with new one. These simple steps can prevent you from hearing squeaks and you can experience the joy of great drives.