Best Method To Change The Windshield Of Your Vehicle

Changing Windshield

Gain The Knowledge Of Installation Procedure

Windshield plays a very important role in offering safety and drivability. A vehicle with a missing windshield or improperly installed windshield would jeopardize the drive. This article guides you with the installation process of a windshield.

However, remember that it is just to impart you the knowledge about the installation. It is strongly recommended to get the product installed by an expertized person so that, it is perfectly installed.

Procedural Steps

Below Are The Procedural Steps For Installing A Windshield:


Get a perfect model of the windshield that matches with that of your vehicle. You can directly get a brand new one or obtain one from a wrecker’s yard. If it is a second handed product then, you need to carry it with lots of cushioning so that the glass does not crack. A second hand windshield contains already used urethane bead, which needs to be trimmed to about 1mm in depth by using a razor blade.


As a second step, remove the plastic that surrounds the shield and the top moldings properly. Keep the existing clips as they are, as they are just the moldings. All you need to do is to glue the molding as you are not using any replacement clips. This way, you not only save time in fixing new clips, but also save money for the clips.


As a third step, remove the urethane (adhesive) that exists between the glass and the pinch weld, using a cold knife. Depending on the strength and the amount of urethane, and the experience levels of the person, it might take a minimum of 15 minutes to a maximum of 1 hour.


As a fourth step, now that the glass is clear from urethane, prepare the pinch weld. Ensure that all the dirt is cleaned. Dust it with a soft brush, and then clean with plain water. Trim the old adhesive to be 3mm thick and repair the loose and rusty areas of urethane.


As a fifth step, get the primer that matches the urethane adhesive so that the glass will accept the urethane molecules. Once the glass is activated, the molding is first glued to the glass and then the urethane.


The sixth step is to apply the urethane. You can apply it by using an electric proof gun. Adhere the old urethane while applying the new one and ensure that it is clean from dirt or any other fragments.


The last step is to position the windshield carefully by considering the surrounding sides with complete concentration. Once fixed, ensure that you do not touch the frame band or else you may end up with contaminating it with dirt and oils that are already present in your hand. This can reduce the performance of the activator. To avoid this, best practice is to use gloves.


Windshield plays a very important role in saving your life during accidents. Also, normal drive can be safe and pleasant. If the windshield of your vehicle demands for a replacement, better know how to replace and what is the technology behind it.

This ensures that, you can be cautious when getting it replaced by an expertized person. If you know the method and never replaced before, better get it done by a skilled person, so that you may not end up with damages either while installing or after the installation, in the future.