A Complete Guide for Windshield Replacement Cost

Windshield Replacement Cost

Cost Of Windshield Replacement

Windshield repair cost is not a fixed amount. It varies depending upon the type of repair, type and severity of damage, and the auto glass service that you prefer. Sometimes, the repair can be done within a few tens of dollars while, it might go up to certain hundreds of dollars.

Repairs have more benefits than replacements in terms of cost, time and life span. Therefore, consider replacement only if the damage is so severe that repair cannot handle the issue.

However, whatever the type of repair is, you should consider to repair the windshield and maintain it in good condition all the time. Or else, it is a threat for danger to both the driver and the occupants of the vehicle.

Average Cost Of Windshield Replacement

Generally, on an average, the price ranges from $20 to $325, for repair or replacement of the windshield. The price range not only depends on the type of the damage or the type of repair, but also depends on the type of the glass you choose, type of vehicle and the brand of the service you prefer. Generally, repairs cost less compare to replacement.

Front Windshield Replacement Cost

The replacement or repair costs vary based on front or back windshield replacement. Generally, front windshield replacement costs more than back one. On an average, front or rear windshield glass costs around $300. If the damage is just a crack then the repairs can do the work for you.

Usually, if the crack is more than 24 inches then, the damage is said to be too big that repairs cannot handle the issue. It means, the repairs cannot be done safely by the repair workman.

On the other hand, if the crack is very small, and you have a knowledge about repairs, you don’t even need a repair person and you can handle the issue yourself very easily. It is only when the cracks penetrate deep into the glass, you need a skilled professional to handle the case.

Costs for windshield replacement might include additional expenses depending on the type of vehicle. Some vehicles have special moldings which is a part of engineered design. Therefore, the glass you repair also needs special molding to match the structural design.

This might add up additionally up to 20% to the repair cost. If you want to add wipers to the windshield, another additional cost adds up that ranges between $10 to $20.

Back Windshield Replacement Cost

Back windshield replacement is as important as replacing front or rear windshield. This is because, the occupants also sit at the back seats of the vehicle. The functionality is quite same, in the sense that, it also prevents the occupants from strong wind, rain and air borne dust particles, giving them the feel of calm and quiet climate.

The only difference is that, it does not need wipers, and it is more important in terms of safety. It does not play much role in offering drivability to the driver of the automobile.

However, there are chances that if the glass is exposed to hits or extreme temperature changes, it might shatter, harming the back occupants of the vehicle. Also, during rollover, the back windshield plays a role in not allowing the passengers to get ejected out of the vehicle, which might lead to death.

Therefore, repairing or replacing of back windshield is also very important. The costs here also vary based on the factors like type of the vehicle, type of glass company or brand you choose, type of service you prefer, type or quality of the glass you prefer, skill level of the workman you consider, and severity of the damage. Depending on these factors, the costs vary from $100 to few hundreds of dollars.

Windshield Wiper Replacement Cost

The replacement of wipers again depend on the type of company, model, quality, skill level of the professional etc. that you choose. Generally, you need to maintain wipers to increase the life span. However, the quality and the performance starts to reduce from the day you assemble it on your windshield.

Usually, you need to replace them every year for a better maintenance, safety and drivability. Not only you need a clear windshield glass, but also you need a perfectly working wipers for better drivability.

Wipers do not play any role in safeguarding you during untimely situations, but they participate in offering you better drivability. Therefore, for a safe drive, one definitely needs an experience of good drivability.

The cost of a wiper vary depending upon the factors like, type of rubber arms, type of fixing method, brand, skill level of the professional and the quality of the wiper. The fixing methods that are available in the market are based on clip type fixing, bolt type and also there are models that neither use clips nor bolts to fix.

At the same time, some vehicles need long wipers and some need short ones, depending on the size of the windshield. The cost for replacing wipers is not as high as replacing a windshield, and is affordable. It costs around $10 to $20 approximately, which is negligible when compared to the cost of your valuable life.

Tip – Vist Our Guide section To Find Out How To Replace Windshield Step By Step

Replacement of windshield varies for various models, but the kind of installation procedure is generally the same.

The replacement cost is divided into three sections:

  • MODEL: FORD F150

Here also, the replacement cost is divided into three sections: labor, parts and disposal fees.

The price charged for Honda Accord windshield replacement is same as that of Honda civic, that it ranges between $441.79 to $497.73

Cheap Auto Windshield Replacement

The service and windshield glass, both are available at cheap prices in the market. However, these also do the work with good performance. Because there is a lot of demand for the windshield replacement from various angles like law, safety and drivability, many automobile companies and glass companies are coming forward to offer their products at cheap and competitive prices.

Most of these are tested and certified, yet cheap. Therefore, if you are unable to afford a branded range of windshield replacement, you can approach these companies to do the work for you. They can guide you based on the type of your vehicle and your budget.

There is no surprise that, there are imitating products available in the market. Though they have similar looks, greedy vendors might sometimes cheat you saying that they are offering you original products at cheap prices.

If you get a chance, try to enquire about the quality and the performance of the product, and know the customer reviews. This information can surely help you to choose the best one. Therefore, when you go for cheap auto windshield replacement, be cautious that you are choosing the best one at cheap price.

Discount Windshields

Most of the auto insurance companies offer policies that cover windshield repairs and replacements at full extent. This can save you to achieve costly replacements with no or minimum prices.

As per the Insurance Information Institute, comprehensive auto insurance policy usually covers all types of windshield repairs and replacements that range between $100 to $300, or with no deductible amount due.

Certain vehicle models are most commonly used in the market. Therefore, windshield models for such vehicles are available in ready. Such windshields are much in demand as they are used in every area that uses the vehicle of that model.

Therefore, companies offer such highly demand windshields at discount offers so that the customers go to the one that benefits them the most. They offer the products at competitive prices. However, do not go by the prices alone.

Try to enquire about the quality, customer reviews, type of service offered and the skill level of the professional who replaces your windshield. All these come into account and not the cost of the windshield glass alone.

Marketing tactics might mislead you to go with the ones that are offered at less prices but not with good service. Therefore, check all the factors in every view aspect and go for the one that best benefits you. Search online to know about how genuine the product and the services are.

Affordable Windshield Replacement

Affordable windshield replacement can be achieved when both the service and the product is offered at affordable prices. Sometimes, cheap windshield glass possesses a quality that is as good as the one that is offered by the certified company.

You will know about such products only when you make a proper enquire before you choose one. Search online, and always consider customer reviews, as they are the real users of the product. Their comments can surely guide you with the right model.

How Much Does A New Windshield Cost?

Windshield Cost

A new windshield can cost you in the range of around $100 to $300, depending upon the type of glass, type of vehicle, and the glass company you choose. However, additional costs vary if you choose for a glass that needs molding.

If you also prefer service, that costs you additionally.Again, if you want to add wiper assembly to the glass, that is again an additional cost. So, everything depends upon how you choose the product and the service.

Windshield Replacement Quotes

Achieving a windshield replacement quote is very easy and can be obtained within a short period of time. You can also get the quote online, where you can make a comparison of prices offered by various glass companies.

The process of achieving windshield replacement quote involves the following steps:

Get A List Of All The Glass Companies

You can make use of internet to search for a list of glass companies that are into windshield replacement business. You can select them based on their reputation and capability to replace the windshield of your vehicle in a well-timed and professional way.

As you know that windshield replacement needs to be done in a perfect manner, you need to choose those companies that are specialized in the field. Generally, you can get a door service for higher price than you prefer to travel and go to the glass company for replacing the glass.

Request Over Online For A Windshield Replacement Quote

Once you select the list of companies that are specialized into the business, you can now request them for a quote for replacing your windshield. Different companies have different quotes based on the trained skills of their professionals and various other factors like type of glass, quality of glass, brand of glass etc. You might need to fill in the forms online in order to get the quote.

Compare The Quotes Among Various Glass Companies

Now that you received the quotes from various companies, compare all of them in one place to analyze the one that best suits your requirement factors like budget, service, type of glass etc.

Finalize The Glass Company That Best Suits Your Requirement

After analyzing all the quotes from various companies, you are now ready to choose the one best company that can satisfy your requirement.

Windshield Replacement Cost Estimator

This is an online software offered by many companies, using which you can estimate the price for replacing your windshield. You need to enter details like, your requirement, glass company and service you prefer.

Based on these details, the cost estimator calculates the price taking various requirement factors into consideration, and gives you an approximate quote. This can well guide you to go for the best windshield that benefits you.

Repair Cost For Chips And Cracks On Rear Windshield

Generally, windshield undergoes chips and cracks when it is hit to debris, such as gravel. The left out marks can be formed as chips or cracks. Such damages are very usual and can be repaired at an expense of $30 approximately. The repair generally includes cleaning the windshield scratches with a Diamondite glass cleaning kit.

If the damage is not a scratch, and still is not as severe as replacement is needed then, you need to work with repair workmanship. This is when you run your finger nail over the surface of the damage and it is caught instead of being soft.

Such repairs can be performed by a trained person from repair shop, costing you in a range of $20 to $60, depending upon the severity of the damage. If the service is through mobile then, it costs you around $50 approximately. Generally when a damage is repaired by the repair shop, the cost is calculated based upon the length of the damage.

The charge is on inch basis, which means that you will be paying for the repair of each and every crack or chip that you would like to get repaired. This way, you will be paying based upon the severity of the damage.

If it is as big as a foot in length then, you will be charged around $50 to $60. And if the size of the damage exceeds one foot, but is below two feet then, you will be charged around $60 to $70.

Approximate Replacement Charges Based On Automobile Type

The replacement charges vary based on the type of the automobile. Not only replacement charges, but also repair charges vary based on the type of the vehicle.

On an average, the replacement charges vary as discussed below:

  • For a pickup truck, the replacement charges vary in the range of $160 to $310
  • For a sports utility automobile, the replacement charges vary in the range of $160 to $295
  • For a passenger automobile, the replacement charges vary in the range of $150 to $330
  • For a minivan, the replacement charges vary in the range of $170 to $295

These are all average values, and might vary depending on the glass company you choose.

Windshield Repair Services In Various Areas

Windshield repair costs and services vary according to the areas. In some areas you can get the work done within the same day, while in some areas you might need to wait till the next day.

Below is the discussion of repair services and the time they take to offer you services in various areas. Almost all of the places mentioned below offer services on the same day.


You can search online for directories that can list various glass companies that exist in Louisiana.

They are specialized into glass business, and offer the customers with services that can be done on same day.

Windshield Repair Services

Windshield replacement cost varies according to various factors like type and severity of the damage, type of vehicle, type of service, brand of the glass etc. Apart from these, if you choose additional services or accessories then, the cost adds up accordingly.

You can get the quote for windshield replacement through online and compare all of them to find the best glass company that can satisfy your requirement in best possible and professional manner.

However, never compromise for the price as windshield plays a very important role in offering you safety and drivability and a little negligence can cost your life.

This article covers all the possible details of windshield replacement costs, and the factors that decide the cost. Therefore, you can analyze to reach the best possible option with the knowledge you gain from this guide.

Replacement Cost For Various Models